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"A powerful, fun and poignant book capturing the life of an everyday guy with super sized life challenges.  You'll fall in love with Reece, his friends, his professor and those he loves.  You'll laugh and yu'll cry.  Enjoy!" 
- Dr. B. Dolenz, MD, PhD, JD

"A fun read.  I went cover to cover to see what happened next.  Five stars and three snaps.....""Mr. Frank Marino, Las Vegas Headline Entertainer
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'...5 stars and 3 snaps. Get out and get this book!'

Cocktails, Cocaine, Crossings into the Afterlife.  Who say's life is dull after you die?

It's amazing what happens when your life takes an unexpected turn like your death.  You cross over and learn a great many things.  Like the fact that all of your friends who have gone on before are there.  So is the greatest love, peace and acceptance ever released on humankind.

I invite you to come along with the ride with me through my life.  I have walked through the peaks and valleys, high one moment and down the next.  Razzing on cocaine at the best gay party in Dallas to struggling to learn enough about life to teach college students we don't really know anything.  All the while, enduring it with the kind of pain that drives most people nuts.

Dying though, was a real opener.  The Crossing was beautiful.  It was paradise.  And, yes, they have cocktails.  But it was not my time and I returned first to hide in the folds of insanity until I was able to take the brave steps to go from being a victim to a survivor.  A survivor of incest, a survivor of addiction, a survivor of self-acceptance.  A survivor of chronic pain.  Don't come to pity me, come to celebrated with me.  Because, girl, All Gays Go to Heaven.  And, there's plenty of fun when we get there.  While we are here, though, we have things to do and lives to live with pride, compassion and integrity.

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