The Queerbook Instruction Book

This is a little list of things to help you get more from your Queerbook experience.  There is a lot going on in here and it can be sort of confusing.  Excuse the lady on the trapeze!

First off, you’ll want to work on “MY PAGE”.  It’s not my page, it’s your page.  But, you get it, unless you are really really slow.  In which case, just wait for the short bus, sugar.

Okay, MY PAGE allows you do pretty much do any darn thing you please.  Pictures you load up here are usually private unless you give permission to share.  The “Text Box” is for an HTML code snip or widget.  I recommend for a big selection.

The RSS feature is for importing your blog.  The Comment Wall looks like a comment wall.  Pretty self-explanatory.  You can also change the Appearances of your page so when you have visitors, they’ll be wowed.  You can add up friends to keep track of so just find a common group and find some buds.

The Other Members tab allows you to sift through and find folks by searching all sorts of criteria.  Like “Texas” and up will pop members from Texas.  Want to find Ed? Just type in Ed and do the search.

The Lots to Do tab holds all of the things you can do to contribute to communities.  Or, just flip through.  There are some pretty incredible reviews, insights and other things. 

Oh and now Groups.  Groups are small gatherings of members interested in a specific thing.  There are Bears to Writers, Business to Metaphysical.  Just check ‘em out and join one or two.  Remember, lurking is legal but it’s not as much fun.

Frank’s Place will take you to our Celebrity Personality, Frank Marino, the longest running headliner in Vegas.  He’s the bomb.  In lipstick.

CafePress Shop.  Need a “Are you as Queer as You Look” shirt?  How about a simply Q-logo coffee cup for late night blogs? 

Now on to the Main Page-

Far left column-

Description of Who We Are, Latest Activity keeps you up to date, Queer Sense of Humor gives you a bit of a laugh.  Just click to go to the full entry.  Birthdays and two Ad Spots finish off the left column.


Middle column

Members who have logged on in the last little bit.  Groups of people, but there are more than there are those shown.  Just click on and keep digging.   Next up, an ad.  Then a blog of helping you out.  Two more ads.  Then a Blogs, Forums – Make your voice heard on these!   Then Videos…here you’ll find your own video horoscope compliments of Jennifer Angel.  When open CHAT is located at the VERY bottom.

Right column

Your Inbox, Friends, etc.  Then Ad Spots 1, 2, 3.  Remember, we ARE FREE so if you click an ad you fund us and our operations!  So, Click Click Click.  That’s unofficial of course.  We have our Member of the Month, then COACH SAPPHO, the WORLD’s leading lady love advice for our lesbian/bi members!  Then finally, one more Ad Spot.  The Badge you can place on other sites to help people join us here at Queerbook.

Okay, questions?  I’m here to answer them!  I’m and I’m the Proprietor of Queerbook.

Feature Attractions!

Frank Marino! DIVA’s!  If you love Frank, you’ve found his Official Home on the Web!

Coach Sappho!  America’s Leading Lesbian Love Coach.

Jennifer Angel!  Video horoscopes!

Our Bloggers! We have some of the most thoughtful, most powerful blog on the Internet.

A Queer Sense of Humor!  From Reece Manley, Queerbook’s Poet Laureate

The CafePress Gift Shop – All original T’s and gifts.

The QB Update – Delivered via Mail Chimp.  If you want to unsubscribe, that’s fine.  If you call it spam, you will be dismissed from the Network for SPAM.

MatchSTRIKE! $500 Sweepstakes!  Just visit the All Gays Go to Heaven site, register, then look for the logo on the Main page.  Every two weeks or more often, our technology provider will give us four random numbers.  If they match you cell phone’s LAST four digits, you win $500.00 if you claim it on the “AGGtH” website.  You have to register to win! Visit

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