"Reece is the most wonderful, natural person to be around.  He is funny and loving." - NY Radio Host Joyce Keller

"Reece's works are incredibly insightful." - Valder Beebe

"....inspired with a message that will appeal to GLBTQ

"Woo hoo!  What a ride!  The book is powerful, touching and simply an incredible read!" - Michelle Plyer from Fanzone.

"Places a smile on my face and across my heart.  People are going to want to buy this book." - Kat K.  Editor

Press Release 

Cocaine, Cocktails, Coming Out and Crossing Over

All Gays Go to Heaven Holds Rich Experience and Good Times

(Dallas, TX) – All Gays Go to Heaven, the latest book from emerging writer Reece Wyman Manley, has been published to protests and to praise.  The narrative memoir follows the ten years of the author’s life from the point of a botched bariatric surgery.  The surgery resulted in neural damage, creating severe, chronic pain, hobbling the gay would be professor with an ugly addiction.

In the midst of life as a gay man in west Texas, Reece tackles’s one of the University’s most challenging doctorates and is assigned to the top professor of women’s studies.  The journey to a professorship is robbed by the pain, leaving Reece depressed, broken and very ill.

Six months later, Reece dies.  A five month battle with pneumonia while in a hospital on life support, Reece slipped the bonds of Earth and crossed over.  The message he brings back creates protests from the right wing and progressive establishments, but is a message that must be heard.

“The past ten years have been chaos and crisis,” says the author, “for healing to take place, one must find their unique balance with body, mind and spirit.  The operative concept I’ve learned is acceptance.  Peace and acceptance.  If anyone is missing this in their life, to any degree, please enjoy my work.  Take from the book what you can use and leave behind what you cannot use.”

All Gays gives lessons through humor and insight that only fellow GLBTQ people can truly appreciate.  The work has received Five Star ratings from readers and major book reviewers.  Editors or journalist should contact for review options.  All Gays Go to Heaven is published by Varsity Prints and is available at Varsity Prints (888) 820-2880. 

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