This book was written for the man in the mirror.  Or, girl. Or, boy that was a girl. Or, the boy that liked boys before he was a girl then he still liked boys until he met the right girl.....

Ubiquitous Handsome Boy
Ubiquitous Cute Guy
I hope the next time you look in a mirror you are looking at a fan of this book.  You'll certainly see yourself in the pages of this book if you ever battled addiction, incest, betrayal or crossing from life to death and back.

But you'll also see yourself in the book if you've ever just said the wrong thing, let down a mentor or enjoyed the heady rush of power that comes from a shower shared by two.

The book is about my humanity, the weakness of it, The awakening of my spirituality and then the overcoming joy and realization that, yes, all gays do go to heaven.  And, so does everybody else that can open their heart, have a little faith and believe in love.

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