The Last Bus from Sunray

The gay novel centers around a group of four friends from small towns in the Texas Panhandle set in the 1980's.  Insulated from the big city gay life to the point of innocence, the group draws lots to see who will win the funds the group has put together to allow one of them to escape.

Kyle draws the winning bus ticket leaving Sunray for those points unknown.  The life of the story expands in the letters between Kyle and his friends along with the lives of the remaining three friends.  As a love blooms between Melissa and Jayla, the group is outed by the conservative town folk.  When Kyle returns to the dusty town, he brings with him the fact that happiness can be theirs.  

Three leave again but one remains in the cemetery, never able to quite make the last bus from Sunray.

Gay, Fiction, ~130,00 words, completion by August 2010.